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Our company has been providing construction services for 3 years in Dublin and its region.

During this period, we:

  • carried out various construction works
  • focusing on the renovations of residential buildings
  • building extensions of existing buildings
  • the use of exploited roofs (mansards), the manufacture and installation of wooden structures, floors, doors, etc.

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We have highly skilled, experienced carpenters who can help improve and build your Dream home!

Carpentry is a particular skill which makes our wood material to help you solve space problems in your home. It is the personal finish touch your ...


We would all like that Dream Home, buy and walk-in – Guess What you already have it, you needs a little bit of love and care to make it work for you now from when you first bought it.

And it won’t cost you a huge amount of money!


If your family is growing, your house can grow with you and if space is a premium – we can help you!!

Or if you just want to make your house bigger, brighter and improve the design of it….an extension is a great option for you.

Attic rooms

Struggling for extra room space or need an extra bedroom or an extra bathroom? – convert your attic.

A fantastic way to increase your floor space and help you soar to the clouds (literally!) Process for attic conversions involve using structural steel to...
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